The CENET Team Shares Their Favorite World Cities

By Leslie Corn

CENET Staff | Travel | #CENETJ1

A few CENET staff members were asked to share some of their favorite world cities.

Istanbul, Turkey


My current favorite city is Istanbul. It’s exotic, it has good transportation, a nice climate, the people are friendly, and there’s great food! -Robyn

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Japan

It’s a beautiful clash of old with new. Ancient places amid modern sky rise buildings; this city embraces its history and leads in futuristic technologies. Sushi, fashion, and cat coffee shops– what isn’t there to love?! -Abigail


Florence, Italy


You are surrounded by so much beauty everywhere you look. It is also such a serene place that you can relax and wander around and sip cappuccino and forget about your schedule entirely. – Kayla

Havana, Cuba

Havana Cub

As an American, travel to Cuba is rare so being able to visit a place that I had seen only through a US media lens was a wonderful experience.  I found such a vibrant, welcoming culture!  My favorite part was stumbling upon an unknown square surrounded by stunning, mural-covered buildings and finding the famous Cuban artist leaning against an iconic American car, enjoying a cigar and the evening. – Tori

Chennai, India


It’s my hometown so there’s many memories close to my heart. Being near an ocean didn’t hurt either! I love going to the beach in the evenings and getting a raw mango slice covered in salt and dry red chili powder. –Shvetha

Seoul, South Korea


I love the food and all of the stationery stores. It’s also great to see visit extended family! –Caroline

Paris, France


It has the greatest concentration of art and history in one city. Also: croissants. –Greg

London, England


It has the 2nd greatest concentration of art and history in one city. –Still Greg

Montevideo, Uruguay


Montevideo has the charm of a small town and the excitement of a big city so it is like the best of both worlds. Everyone is so fun-loving and ready to have a good time that it is impossible not to enjoy yourself while you are there. –Kayla

Siem Reap, Cambodia

angkor wat 1

This was one of the first places I visited that truly felt different. The people and food were amazing, and exploring the Angkor Wat temple complex was awe-inspiring. – Tori

Barcelona, Spain


Antonio Gaudi’s iconic and imaginative architecture makes Barcelona one of my favorite cities to explore. There’s really no other city like it. The Culture is vibrant and the city doesn’t sleep. Grab amazing tapas or paella and Sangria through all hours of the night! -Abigail

Lima, Peru

Lima Peru

I appreciated traveling to a city where I did not speak the local language. The people were kind and patient! It helped to have a reminder of this experience being in our field where we work with individuals who are new to the country and culture. I also enjoyed eating at “Central” in Lima. Each dish was a work of art and absolutely delicious—it was a great experience! –Shvetha

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Local Students Learn About World Cultures

By Leslie Corn

Culture in the Community | #CENETJ1 #GlobalCitizen

JACKSON, MO– Culture in the Community (CITC) hosted a World Cultures Fun Day at an area elementary school. CENET staff partnered with BRASA, the Brazilian Student Association at Southeast Missouri State University, to provide cultural demonstrations and activities to over 300 students ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade.

India, Bangladesh, and Brazil were represented in the activities ranging from world dance to a Capoeira demonstration; other highlights included sidewalk chalk rangoli and henna tattoos.

Check out event videos below:

Capoeira Demonstration Video

World Dance Video

The World Cultures Fun Day was a culminating event after a semester of Culture in the Community classroom presentations at the elementary school.

Culture in the Community is a CENET initiative that brings authentic international education to area schools. To learn more about Culture in the Community or to book a presentation, please contact CENET at

CITC Logo Final

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Advocacy Day 2016

By Leslie Corn

J-1 Advocacy | #ExchangesImpact | #CENETJ1

Each spring, members of the Alliance for International Exchange gather in Washington, D.C. to meet with their Senators, Representatives, and their respective staff members to share the success stories of the J-1 visa program.

This year, CENET staff members were able to meet with the offices of Senator Claire McCaskill, Senator Roy Blunt, and Representative Jason Smith.

By meeting with policymakers, CENET is able to demonstrate how the J-1 cultural exchange visa enables the U.S. to engage with future leaders, while also strengthening the U.S. economy, advancing key U.S. foreign policy and national security priorities, and fostering mutual understanding between U.S. citizens and counterparts around the world.


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Nashville Participants Visit Historic Franklin

By Leslie Corn

J-1 Intern | J-1 Trainee | Cultural Component

CENET’s J-1 participants training in Nashville, TN, visited historic Franklin this week. A highlight of their trip was meeting with Mayor Ken Moore at City Hall. During their visit with Mayor Moore, the participants learned about Franklin’s historical significance, including information about the Battle of Franklin during the American Civil War.

Following the meeting, the participants were taken on a walking tour of Main Street. In order to fully experience Franklin’s unique culture, the day also included a diversity of food and beverage stops at various local staples. The participants tried coffee and baked goods at a cafe, they sampled fudge for the first time at a candy shop, and they enjoyed authentic southern cooking at Puckett’s.

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