Cultural Exchange Network Awards Foreign Language Scholarships to Local Students

By Leslie Corn

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Recently, CENET partnered with Concordia Language Villages (CLV) to provide summer camp scholarships within CENET’s local community. The four full-scholarship winners will be transported to Bemidji, Minnesota to engage in foreign language immersion programs.

Maggie Shelton, 17, of Jackson, MO, will participate in a 4-week Arabic program. With over 300 million Arabic speakers worldwide, this opportunity will enhance future opportunities in terms of university admittance, military service, and employment within the public and private sectors. Additional scholarships were awarded in both the Portuguese and Chinese programs.

Since 1961, Concordia Language Villages have prepared young people for responsible global citizenship through their world-language and cultural education programs.

CENET and CLV look forward to partnering in the future to provide additional opportunities for young people in Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois.

To learn more about the scholarship winners, please visit the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Cultural Exchange Network (CENET), a nonprofit based in Cape Girardeau, has awarded four scholarships to local students for summer language study, the organization announced today.

CENET awarded the scholarships in cooperation with Concordia Language Villages (CLV) in Bemidji, Minnesota.  CLV is one of the world’s premier immersion language learning programs.

Students receiving awards include:

  • Maggie Shelton, 17, of Jackson, MO, who will study Arabic for four weeks.
  • Jake Shelton, 12, of Jackson, MO, who will study Portuguese for two weeks.
  • Chance Earles, 11, of Carbondale, IL, who will study Portuguese for two weeks.
  • Mariena Collins, 11, of Jackson, MO, who will study Chinese for one week.

All the students will study at CLV’s camps in Minnesota, where students live in a single foreign language village, and attend classes and engage in traditional camp activities such as sports and crafts, all in the target language.  The food in each village is geared to the culinary traditions of each country.

Robyn Walker, Executive Director of CENET, said, “We are thrilled for the first time to be able to offer these scholarships to students from our area.  One of our goals is to equip students in our region with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a world that is rapidly globalizing.  Developing knowledge and enthusiasm about foreign languages is a critical part of that effort.  We are grateful to Concordia Language Villages for their support of this initiative, and are confident that our four students will have a great educational experience, and a lot of fun.”

CENET strives to inspire a safer, more prosperous and compassionate world through international education and cultural exploration.For more news and updates about CENET, please visit our Facebook Page.

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