Summer Work and Travel Participants Celebrate Thanksoween

By Leslie Corn

Cultural Component | #CENETJ1 #CENETBranson

BRANSON, MO– On July 12, over 200 J-1 participants, CENET staff, and community members gathered to celebrate Thanksoween. This merging of iconic holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, gives Summer Work and Travel participants a taste of American, fall traditions in the middle of July.

The festivities included a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, game show style contests, and a costume competition.

The success of Thanksoween is largely due to CENET’s incredible community partners, Branson Bank and Skyline Baptist. Branson Bank donated the food and several prizes, Skyline Baptist provided the event space and food preparation, and CENET supplied transportation and additional prizes.

Special thanks to the Skyline Bapstist and Branson Bank volunteers who helped prepare and serve the food; CENET’s Branson Coordinator, Abigail Palmer; and lastly, community advocates and CENET support staff, Rick & Debra Chastain.

CENET strives to inspire a safer, more prosperous and compassionate world through international education and cultural exploration.For more news and updates about CENET, please visit our Facebook Page.



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